Intimate weddings are a sophisticated and chic way for couples to express themselves.  Small weddings can be more cost effective, less stressful but still boast tons of creativity, detail and thoughtful planning.  

What is a micro-wedding? You shouldn’t get confused between a micro or intimate weddings and an elopement.  An elopement is a spontaneous and quick wedding that takes place with few or if any guests. A micro wedding still has the structure of a traditional wedding, just on a smaller scale.

This doesn’t mean they’re headache free – it’s still a wedding that requires some planning.  Every time you hire a vendor you will still have to consider contracts, payments and logistics just the same as a traditional wedding.  

Bride and groom having their first kiss at their intimate wedding ceremony in the courtyard of Archeo Restaurant.
Aslan & Tyler’s at their intimate wedding at Archeo Restaurant
Photo Credit: Northern Wildflower

Planners and coordinators are a useful investment that will make your wedding day memorable and stress free, regardless of size.   

6 Reasons Why You Need A Planner For Intimate Weddings

  1. A planner can assist you to manage your budget and spend wisely.  Since your budget will go further with less guests, it’s important to ensure your money goes towards enhancing the details, while creating an immersive experience for your nearest and dearest.  Our top splurge-worthy items would be kick-ass live music, a fantastic photographer and an indulgent dinner with expert pairings of your favourite wines or spirits!
  2. Micro weddings can take place almost anywhere. Working with smaller guest counts opens opportunity to work in more unique environments. A planner can help make an unexpected location come to life for your special day – think about that parking lot that you had your first kiss maybe?! 
  3. Design is in the details. This couldn’t be more true for intimate weddings. Here is your chance to go hyper-custom – set the tables with handwritten menus or notes for each guest, think about how fabrics, candlelight and florals can create the vibe and ambiance you want.
  4. While some of you may not need a planner, everyone and we mean EVERYONE needs a coordinator.  Imagine trying to manage text messages, while coordinating Ubers for your family and also getting into your outfit? Because of the small number of guests it’s likely that these guests will be together getting ready, going to the ceremony, then for photos and dinner. It’s helpful to have a coordinator who can truly manage these logistics and let you enjoy your wedding day and not have to worry about keeping everyone else organized! It can be tough bringing two families together, you need someone else to be the buffer – and that’s us! 
  5. You will need to have a well thought out itinerary and flow, and this is where a coordinators expertise will really shine. So much thought goes into the details of a wedding and whether small or large, a great timeline helps tell your story seamlessly.  
  6. Service is a top priority at any wedding, but it’s especially true for intimate gatherings. Service should be over the top excellent and a planner will ensure that happens!

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